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cahow some interesting insights and some not to far off.  I dont move to canada for a few reasons One is that i believe immigrants will make there way north once they have finished ravaging this place. Second , it does get very cold. But last As the polar ice caps melts Ther eill be land wars for the oil beneath. So i dont think canada is going to be the place to be. Yes i do wish there was  magic button to go back to the 20 th century. But theres nothing worng with that.  Im not angry at my parents ,, i am generally angry at everybody else…becuase of there globalist overlty internationalists “leanings” Sovriegnty is very important to me. So i resent my generation for being this surprisingly accepting here… but i have learned to personally  accept it as a middle person is forced to do.

I dont like to compete

even theres few people better at it than me,,,(imagine being from nyc and nj and grew up in italian neighborhoods…).

But i dont like it, and detest….and…resent having to do so.

So yes

i do long for the 20 th century when we didnt compete fiercly for reasources employment housing and position food was 50 cents a pound and the bare minimum was required why wiaste time lieing to you. There was enough for everyone to spare. I dont like to compete for employment in the land i was born. So yes i resent it perfusely  , I should not have to worry about employment in the land i was born. Sorry…..just the way i am , I am The entitelist yes i am  , oh well sorry there could be worse things….call me an entitlelist so i can claim it proudly. Whats the point of having a country if it isnt sovriegn??

I mean a democracy you can find anywhere some even better than this. So thats my only premis. its like we are going in circles here. If theres no economy sovriegnty no certainity it begs the question whats the point in staying in the us.??? Thats my only premis.

Cause let me tell you living here is a monumental pain in the neck So if the cost beings to multiply its self pass the benefit. I thinking man is forced to find either this web site or other countries.Thats why im looking abroad a bit. Cause like i said im from nyc. Im no sucker. I mean no way are you gonna take 3/4 of my wages just to live? So yes im looking around. Austrilia is one, new zealand is another And France and spain.

montana and north dekota…