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yes what occured is a program came along that offers 36/ months of rent in exchange for grades of 2.0 or higher so i decided to take billing and coding with a health care degree. So that i can do billing and coding. But since there is so many people in this country now. Between 95 and 2013 theres an extra 120 m people at least 60 m new workers. many of them highly skilled now. Plus us , plus younger ppl ,  retirees the result is pretty obvious. Musical chairs when the music stops 3 to 6 people dont get to sit down basically.


the 1 percent And even the 5 and 10 percent lives for this in equality. thats why they let them all in. In any case the only  solution is clear and that is to slowly fire the dollar. Which is what this site is about. I hope to slowly ween my way off the dollar over the coming years. To the point im only using it for descretion and for for recreation.  Really It does not look good there are immigrants left and right. And then on top of that the dollars worth less and less. Along with the amount of people eating plus where ever these ppl live the rent goes up accordingly. So its alot like a perfect sorm almost.

I really not able to see a birght future here. So im making preliminary plans to Possibly move to austrilia Where the entire counrty has only 15 m ppl on the west coast. And is only expected to grow too 35 m by 2040.