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rbonuc29, you said

“currently im taking advantage of the obama care and got into Electronic billing and coding. And will be doing that if i get job. Which even that is not looking great cause “that” market is already flooding. But anyway i will be able to basically run a billing cycle from an office or home.”

I assume that means you are taking some sort of schooling for that? On line perhaps? Good luck, my sister took an online course, got a degree, then found out AFTER she “graduated” and was told she was fully qualified to go to work, that it was going to cost money to take a test to be certified, something the school never mentioned, something that had nothing to do with the school, she was told that no one would hire her without this certification, again it had nothing to do with and was completely separate from what she did in this school… after spending another 3 bills on that, a year later she STILL can’t get a job in that field, no one will hire without experience, you can’t get experience without being hired somewhere… she is now paying back the loan she took out to take the course, which wasn’t cheap. I sincerely hope you can do better, perhaps it’s easier or better where you live… They told her that she could do that kind of work from home too, but the software to do it isn’t cheap either…

Another obstacle she is finding is all the places she has applied want her to do other things, not just billing & coding, they want her to work a front desk, take appointments, handle customers (in person), one place wanted her to do physical therapy on their patients… another place (an eye doctor) wanted her to do eye tests and set up the patients for the eye doctor… again without experience, it’s been a problem for her to get a job in that field…