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Soooo who is paying to supply all this free food and water, land and energy? It doesn’t produce itself, it doesn’t travel to market by itself, it isn’t packaged by itself, someone is producing the food, planting it, growing it, harvesting it, there are costs involved, now if I grow my own food to feed myself, that’s different, but honestly in this world, not too many people are growing their own food, they have to get it from somewhere, I’d love to see you plant, grow, harvest, preserve if necessary (can, dry), you incur all those costs, even if it’s just your labor, then GIVE it away to everyone, that would not be fair to you, the person who put in all the hard work…

Same thing applies to power and fuel, SOMEONE is producing the product and providing the service, do they not deserve to earn a wage on what they produced or should they just give it away and not earn a wage? If you are relying on the government to supply these things, they still aren’t free, someone is paying for these things, either through taxation, theft or slavery. If I have 2 cows, under socialism, the government takes one or both of my cows and distributes the cows and milk to everyone, doesn’t matter that I incurred the cost of buying, feeding and caring for these cows, that is THEFT in the name of giving a handout to everyone else.

I own my land, I do not want the government taking my land and giving it away to other people, even if I’m allowed to continue living here, I worked hard and paid for it myself, I also do not want squatters on my land.

You want to build more powerplants and give the electricity away, WHO PAYS FOR THIS? It’s not free to build powerplants, it’s not free to run and maintain these powerplants. I generate my own power and do not have to pay to use MY electricity, BUT I paid to purchase the equipment I needed in order to do this, I don’t rely on the government to give me handouts because it cost someone else to supply the handout, no thank you.

Water, yes there are lots of bodies of water, but this water needs to be purified, then distributed to homes, how can that be free? Of course you can go out, collect your own water, purify it if it needs it and be your own supplier, but to expect someone else to do all the work then GIVE it away is not right to the person/company/employees doing the work.