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I hope I misunderstood your reply rbonc29, what’s wrong with paying for land, services and products? I believe in the free market approach, keep the government out of it. If something has value, then people will pay it to acquire it, if it’s too expensive then people will stop buying and the seller will either lower their price or go out of business, let the seller and buyer decide how much things are worth, believe me it will balance out if the government is kept out.

I don’t want handouts from the government, anything they can give to you, they can take away just as quickly, “free” things come with strings, very long strings, and there is no such thing as free, the government is either taxing the rest of us to pay for these “freebies” OR they are stealing it, either way it’s OPM (other peoples’ money), that doesn’t last forever, they will eventually run out of OPM then there will be an entire group/class of people who don’t know how to do anything for themselves because they have relied on the government to supply their needs.