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then my model is consistant with yours.

I feel that so long as these people aint making us pay for food land and energy. I dont have much of a problem with the rest.  alot like Wretha. its terrible to see people paying 3 and 4 dollars per pound of anything. And then 20 to 30 dollars per sq ft. when these things were 1/3 the price 25 yrs ago. When there was 120 m less poeple here squeezed into sardines these cities. here in S. florida for example we are pushing 4 m people. in an area that is roughly 80 miles by 40 miles. With an Ag ( agricultural ) land that can barely keep up with the pop. not to mention the lbs of food a month ppl eat these days. And at the door step of the ever glades which down here, is sw 400 ave around there. And you cant develop that land cause its a precious aquafur loaded with oxygen. But thats straight to were that shovel is going to go…soon.