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Hi Marc uk

Where we live we have more rain than the uk,yes, I know that that sounds impossible at the moment!  So, drainage is one thing that is important, I have looked in amazement at how much standing water I have on the garden at times, even though I have dug drainage ditches and filled them with rocks.  The soil in the raised bed would come up to about 12 inches from the top, hopefully this will keep a lot of the wind out, and for the winter I intend upon putting glass or perspex covers on them, (assuming I can find sufficient old windows etc).  Well, we shall have to wait and see.  The idea is also to future proof the garden, as my husband and I get older we envisage difficulties in kneeling down etc, so putting in raised beds with good access now seems like a good idea.  It is our final house so the investment will be worth while (I hope!).  Any ideas you have, please let me know…  Caroline