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Wow, crazy weather indeed, I think that instead of all those in charge, instead of arguing over who or what is causing climate change and how to stop or prevent it, they should be focusing on how to live with it, it’s coming, it’s here, we should be adapting, figuring out other places to plant crops that used to grow elsewhere and such…

I understand schizophrenic weather, living in the high desert, it can be hot as hell during the day (dry heat fortunately) and drop into sweater weather over night, that’s normal for us, and I love it, in fact the hardest thing to get across to new people out here, when my family comes to visit from Fort Worth and Dallas, maybe it’s August, I have to remind them several times to be sure to bring some sweats and a sweater, the sweats are for sleeping in, it can get downright cold overnight, but since they are coming from 100+ and high humidity, they can’t even fathom sweats in the desert. :) All summer long, I keep a sweater or at the very least, a long sleeve denim shirt in my truck and bug, one never knows when it will come in handy.