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Well, Wretha, our Spring Weather this year in Chicago/Michigan was horrid…simply horrid. Between last year and this year, we’ve only known two extremes: killing drought or terrible flooding. Last year, we began Spring with temperatures in the 90’s…in Michigan!!!!!!! We’re supposed to be in the low 40’s, maybe. Michigan is a major supplier of fruit and vegetables to many states and we got destroyed over here. All the grapes, peaches, apples, etc., fruited  out in frickin’ MARCH…there were NO BEES around at that time, and then the rug got pulled out from under us and we got freezing normal temps in April, killing all the flower buds. So, 100% of Michigan’s peach and grape crop was wiped out and 75% of our apple crop. :( The rest of 2012 was drought, drought, drought….as a landscape architect, we’ve never put in so many irrigation systems in our 23 years of business. The poor farmers: NONE have irrigation up here so their crops were destroyed. We normally have so much rain that having irrigation would be ‘plum foolish.’

Now, in 2013, here’s our stats: April: coldest and wettest April in 140 years of record keeping! May had double the amount of rain that’s normal (22.3″ vs 13.1″). So, fruiting is delayed, crops planted are delayed, etc. by about 4-5 weeks. The fact that it’s almost the 4th of July and our JUNE strawberries are just coming in…well, that tells it all. Our corn should be “knee high by the 4th of July”; corn in the fields right now is less than 12″. Beans (soy) are just green “fuzz” in the rows, not even high enough to count. But..we haven’t had to irrigate a thing! (LOL)

We’re worn out, emotionally. We’ll get freeze warnings for Mother’s Day and Memorial Weekend followed by four 80 degree days. Last week, our temps dropped 48 degrees in two hours: we were at 92 degrees in the morning with the air conditioners blasting, and at night, our furnaces were turned on against the 44 night temps. We go through 4 seasons of clothing on days like that: starting with jackets and sweaters and ending up in shorts and t’s.

This has been a wacky two years we’re living through. I guess “it makes life interesting.” ~shrug~