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Home Forums General Discussion Question for those living in very isolated areas- worried :( Reply To: Question for those living in very isolated areas- worried :(


Thanks for your replies.   Ok, “no houses for miles” was a stretch within an hour of LA, but there are definitely some areas where your neighbor is not right next door to you, for example, just over a hill or maybe a quarter of a mile down the road.  I was just wondering whether you feel that not having another house right next to you (as is the case in city living, your neighbor is a stone’s throw away) would make you be more of a target for thieves.  I guess that the fact that there are just LESS people around in general means that you are less likely to encounter crime in general anyway.  Much more likely in the city.  I agree that being on good terms with your neighbors is a very good idea and can make all the difference.  We actually live right in the heart of Hollywood and there is always something crazy going on, weirdos walking the streets day and night.  I’m definitely looking forward to getting away from it and joining you  Off Gridders :)