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Home Forums General Discussion Question for those living in very isolated areas- worried :( Reply To: Question for those living in very isolated areas- worried :(



Wondering what geography you are in?

You mentioned trying to attract people to join you and I guess failed to get anybody serious about it…maybe you could speak to that some??> I’ve helped two different people start intentional communities…one, 10 hilly rough acres hidden in the mountains of western north carolina totally off-grid and the other 84 acres of broken down abandoned tobacco farm with limited electricity and phone…both had tons of people come thru…all eventually left or were kicked out…in BOTH places/2 different situations…same result…all but maybe 2 lied about everything, were addicted to either prescription drugs, illegal stuff or cigarettes, do-nothings…has shaken my opinion of PEOPLE. Guessing maybe yours is a similar experience??


You still looking to establish community??