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Hi, LivingitNow. Well, your words are MOST welcome to read, in particular, the last line of assurance that a person doesn’t have to be a certain way to express interest in something. When I told several friends that I had joined this website, they just stared at me and said, “What in the WORLD were you thinking? Are you moving to Montana, growing a beard (I’m a woman, for cryin’ out loud!), and joining a com-mune?” I politely told them that old Indian motto: “You can’t know someone until you walk a day in their shoes.” I’m an architect that specializes in additions to pricey homes but I adore the Tiny House community concept for their ingenius space-saving solutions. Well, it’s not a stretch for many of the Tiny House owners to also be “Off The Grid”, and knowing nothing about what that meant (except slurs), I decided to find out the truth, for myself. The serious people HERE are kind, welcoming, have their head screwed on properly, and have truly done their homework. Yes, they may have asked a 1,000 questions when they started but they also put into reality their dreams and I deeply admire that work ethic. Coming from immigrants and pioneers who sat on a stinking boat for weeks, traveled from New York by wagon and built their one-room log cabins from sweat and determination, I still carry that passion within me.

What I’ve learned in life is that there is NO “One Size Fits All”, either in clothing or where one wants to live. I grew up on a pristine off the grid farm,  moved to the very heart of Chicago and lived as urban a life as you can for 30 years, and now I’m returning to my childhood, like you, by retiring to the quietness of rural Michigan. Having lived with wood stoves and outhouses, they hold no charm for me, but I’m cool with that, since I feel I just lived my life in reverse by living Off Grid for my first 16 years. Living “country” is a tough life; rewarding but tough. Any fool that thinks that they’re going to be kickin’ back, hanging out in white cargo shorts and flip-flops while the chickens bring their eggs to your table and the crops fall into your dinner bowl is a dang fool!

This site shows remarkable patience with the “doe-eyed” wanna-bes; I can’t come here often and post or I’d be banned for blasting most of the original posters into reality with a swift kick to the backside. LOL I did read a comment from the gentleman who owns that farm in Pa; one woman lasted ONE DAY at his place. Typical poser. ~insert eye roll HERE~

I enjoy coming here to learn, read about alternative ways of doing things and also the peace that so many have found. It’s a happy place, if you can just weed out the nutters. ;)

If you care to reply back, what breeds of chickens do you raise? We just had the common White Leghorn but I used to dream about owning some of the fancier breeds when we went to the State Fair and I saw what the other 4-H kids were raising such as Silkies, Polish or Rhode Island Red. But nope, Gran would have nothing to do with those “goofy chickens”, as she called them so we just had plain ol’ white chickens. I still visit the Poultry Barn when we visit the county fair in our area each August.