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Home Forums General Discussion Question for those living in very isolated areas- worried :( Reply To: Question for those living in very isolated areas- worried :(


‘@Cahow…LOL….you are welcome.  I enjoy reading your posts (i.e. the guy fron Denmark asking about volunteer work).  Thanks for the luck with our Homestead.   I grew up on a chicken farm in the country when I was a boy and now that I am retired, I wanted to get back to that feeling of being able to have animals around without any permits/regulations.

I also wondered about the original poster on this forum post but we have found (as we have advertised for others to join us) that so many people say they want to live off the grid or even low grid until you explain to them what that really means and what it entails. (LOL).

I like your “doe-eyed” analogy.  Most interested people seem to be dreamers and not doers….and that is okay…as having dreams is important; it is just the many of the reactions we receive are so funny when we explain how our Homestead works, which can’t be too much different than the many other successful off the grid places talked about on here.

Keep up the interesting insights.  I don’t feel you have to be living something to give advice from your past or even advice that you might feel relevant learned through life.  (LOL)