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1) Internet service.
I live in a very rural area, my only options for internet are satellite and wireless, I refuse to use satellite because they meter your bandwidth, that is the deal breaker for me, I am a heavy internet user and would quickly exhaust my bandwidth allowance. I use our local wireless through a company in the next town over, it’s horribly expensive coming in at $60 a month, it started out at $40 and went up $5 and $10 a year until it hit $60, that gets me about 3mbps, which is fast enough for me to do what I want to do but is slow by most standards. They are offering higher speed tiers for $80 and $100 per month, I will not do that, but the good thing is with the improvements in bandwidth it will free up the slower bandwidth users so we will get our full bandwidth speed during peak times.

2) Telephone (cell or land-line only?).
No land line for me, I use Magic Jack and Google Talk (gmail phone), Magic Jack you have to buy the dongle (can’t remember the cost on that) then it’s $20 a year for unlimited talk within the USA. I don’t have a cell phone, they don’t work very well out here, I am considering getting a prepaid cell phone to use when I travel.

3) Mail/packages (USPS, UPS, etc.)
I have a wonderful mail carrier, for me the trip to the mailbox is a 12 mile round trip, we do have UPS and FedEx, our main delivery drivers are great, they will come to your home IF they can get to you, road conditions allowing, during rain the dirt roads get pretty mushy, in that case they will deliver to the main office out here, it’s not a biggie.

4) Any other communications – TV, radio, shortwave or whatever.
I don’t have TV, the only signal available is from satellite, I refuse to pay to watch TV, I have a radio but only get one station, a local PBS station so the news and programming is mostly from a liberal point of view, something that might delight some, but not me, I’ve gotten used to it but it still annoys me, they are SUPPOSED to be in the center, but they aren’t.

There are other people in my neighborhood with shortwave radios, hand held walkie talkies and such, I do not have any of those things.

My only source of communication, news and entertainment is through the internet.