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Cellular service is currently 3G, with the promise of going 4G in a year. (That was 3 yrs. ago..) My data plan is for 6 Gig/Month and I never run over. No internet on the phone. I just use it on my laptop with an air card..

Yes.. Post office. I “used” to live in the small town and just kept my mail box. Small town U.S.A. I know the UPS/Fed-X drivers and they have my cell number. They just call when they have something for me and I make arrangements..

I collect rain water from my roof in a 375 gal. tank. I have 400 gal. of storage in my living area. I pump the water from the outside collection to the inside via 12 volt RV pump and treat with bleach. My inside collection will last ~2 months with 2 adults taking showers daily and general cleaning. I keep the inside collection topped off anytime it rains when I can. Winter can be interesting. Gotta keep the outside drum empty for the event of needing to haul but pull in every bit of liquid you can, when ya can. If you let it freeze up with water in it, you won’t be able to load it in the truck to go get some..

Batteries.. I lived for many years on 4-Golf Cart batteries, connected in Series-Parallel for a 12 v.d.c. system. Now I have 8 L-16’s, still at 12 v.d.c. My complete system is geared at this voltage, hence, 12vman. I have one 400 watt inverter and that’s it. Everything else operates directly from the battery..

I compost all of my solid waste and run the liquid out with the gray water. I separate the two for odor reasons. I have a urinal on the wall and the sit down fixture is urine diverting, totally vented outside via a small 12 volt computer fan and some drier vent hose..