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a couple updates:
Dear Beast,

You recently signed a petition, “Protect small farms in Michigan!.”

Thanks—your signature means a lot.

George John Thompson, the petition’s creator, addressed the petition to all of the Michigan Legislature. We’ve found that individual members of the Legislature are a lot more receptive to petitions that are started by their own constituents, so we think this campaign will have an even bigger impact if—in addition to the state petition—there is also a version of this petition to your own state legislators, Representative Joel Johnson and Senator John Moolenaar.
Will you start a version of this petition to Rep. Johnson and Sen. Moolenaar?

Click here to start your petition.

As a reminder, the petition you signed reads:

Reverse the recent decision to modify the Right to Farm Act in Michigan. Protect our individual rights to provide our own food and make small farmers a priority in Michigan!

Here’s what George John Thompson wrote about it:

Protecting small farms in Michigan should be a top priority. Many farmers’ markets are a consortium of small farms producing local produce. This is a vital part of local economies in many areas in Michigan and around the country. Michigan lawmakers should support the rights of individuals not just the interest of big business.

Click here to start a petition on the same issue to Rep. Johnson and Sen. Moolenaar.


–Milan, Joan, Matt P., Bobby, and the rest of the team.

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First off thank you for your support on this huge issue! Our voice is growing… Fast. I would like to personally thank The Michigan Small Farm Council and The Institute for Responsible Technology for their support. We now have a small army and our voice is growing louder.

A recent article on Mlive stated that the Michigan Department of Agriculture is well aware of our growing petition. I would like to take a short moment and make a few points regarding this issue. The Chief Dept. Director of the MDARD stated that, “the Right to Farm Act has only ever applied to commercial agriculture, not an individual’s right to provide his or her own food.” Shouldn’t the same laws used to protect big ag provide protection to the individual and to the small farmer? Furthermore, the article went on to state that the new modifications wouldn’t hurt agriculturally zoned areas. Yet, whether or not small farmers could be protected from suburban sprawl would be left to a judges decision. With no legal protection under the law. Also not mentioned were individuals on private land and their right to keep chickens or bees. We need to make a firm stand on our rights, this is a democracy not an autocracy! The deputy director has made it clear that he wants agriculture to be a large part of a new Michigan economy. Sadly it appears he wants big ag to lead the way and leave small farms by the wayside. We need to make it clear that individuals in the state of Michigan decide whats right in our state, not an appointed official!

And again, please share this important issue! As of now we do not have many twitter followers of this petition. If you could please copy this link and share