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Thanks wavy1953, your observations are something we all have to consider, your first point about protection, I think most off gridders with any common sense at all are not going to discuss their methods of self protection (ie weapons), I know that I will not, I have seen too many people bragging online about their arsenal, that is a good way to lose all you have to thieves, whether they be of the civilian persuasion or the official (governmental-we are here to help) persuasion. It is good to discuss in general, stating that you NEED a way to protect yourself, but it’s not good to discuss specifics of what each of us has or does not have IMHO. I sincerely hope all who read this are armed up the wazoo and are willing to do whatever it takes to protect themselves, their family and property from whatever threat may come down the pike.

To your second observation, health, it’s is of utmost importance to be able to take care of as many different health scenarios as possible, most of us are not trained medical professionals, but you can learn as much as you can and have as many supplies as possible to take care of what may come. Fortunately for me, I live in a small (tiny) community who pulls together in thick and thin, we have several trained medical professionals living out here, we are somewhat isolated from the surrounding towns by mountains as well as many rough miles.

About a week and a half ago, PB developed an infection, a pretty severe one in a hard to treat place (inside his body instead of on the outside), we took care of it without having to go to the doctor because we had what we needed to take care of it, we are still treating it but it’s nearly healed. This infection put him down hard, it’s the worst medical problem we have dealt with since moving off grid and really tested our resolve to be as self reliant as possible.

Those are my personal thoughts about that, what does everyone else think?

Thanks wavy1953, I look forward to seeing more of your thoughts here :)