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I agree that it is not wise to get into individual specifics, but I think some general concepts are probably universal. When protecting one’s property it is beneficial to conceal, deter, and only defend as a last resort. People will not steal what they don’t know is there. If they know or suspect there is something of value to steal, they will steal it from the easiest place they can find it. Putting oneself in harm’s way to be that deterrent means you have not been creative enough at concealing and other deterrence – it is a last-ditch effort, so to speak.

I live in a third world country and although I don’t have much by US standards, I have a lot by local standards. I keep the storage shed blacked out so curious eyes cannot see what is inside, and likewise minimize the opportunities for strangers to visit the property in general. I build a lot of fences and put bars on windows and doors (it happens to be very stylish here for some reason!). Guard dogs are certainly not infallable, but they are a useful additional deterrent. Geese and Guinea hens are also good “guard dogs”.

The question of whether to kill over possessions is somewhat personal I think. Some will advocate firearms for that last-ditch defense, but for me it is not an agreeable solution. There are various non-lethal solutions that are common among sailors (who are sometimes in places where firearms are prohibited at penalty of boat confiscation). Among these are long-range wasp and hornet sprays, oven cleaner spray, electric shock devices like tazers or electric fences (home made versions are potentially enjoyable hobby outlets too!), spray jugs with acid or other nasty chemicals, and even various spears and blades. We have some of this sort of stuff around for backup but it has been of little avail. Thieves who have been able to bypass the deterrents and barriers people erect are often quite determined and last-ditch defense is, in my opinion, a losing game for most people. Better to get out of the way and salvage things later than stand your ground and die. That is a bitter pill, but LIFE IS SWEET! hang onto it.