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Being that I am one of those people myself I do get the thought process there. If I was offered the choice of like for like … meaning knowing that the person I was speaking to also had put fourth the effort of choice of disclosure I’d be more at ease with taking them for whom they are.

I’m not advocating mandatory background checks… but more of what was suggested before. I think at a minimum a user must put up a picture.  An option to that would be having those pictures verified.  That’s a pretty easy process with the right software.


I’m thinking alternative payment methods would be a bigger thing… privacy is all of our priorities.  Myself personally … I’d feel better knowing my stuff was in the hands of a prepper vs match or Cupid or or or…

Functional… like minded… optional levels of putting ones self out there… users that at least know there’s true effort… I think that would give common ground for some middle meeting point.

I’ve done some of the aforementioned sites… trust me when I say the like minded do not exist in that realm and the current options … really suck!