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I wish I had no job and no debt, I would be gone tomorrow.  Unfortuneatly I have 2 kids in high school.  I have told them both that when my youngest goes to college, 4 years down the road, that I am selling the house and moving.  If I didn’t have the debt and kids though….  Find a job and start saving some cash, aeven a part time job, sice you have no debt you can build up a pile fairly quickly.  Get some cash in the bank and then go.

Here is a off-the-wall suggestion though, and I’m not pimping the military or anything, see about a 2 year enlistment.  Save every penny you get for two years and then bounce.  I dont know if they still offer 2yr enlistments but ya never know.  When you think about it a 2yr enlistment is not really 2yrs.. Let me explain from an Air Force point of view:

Basic Training is 6wks.  Depending on the job you get the technical school can be up to 6 month.  So right off the bat you have killed 7½ months of your 2yr enlistment just getting in and learning your job.  Take 30 days advanced leave after technical school and you are now at 8½ month down.  You get to your first duty station and have to go through OJT before you become deployable, lets say that take 3 months…11½ months down.  Take 10 days Recruiter Assistance and 5 days leave (vacation), and you just killed your 1st year.  You do your for a couple months, 95% sure you would not be deployed, then you start getting your seperation paperwork started.  before you know it the 2yrs is done, you’ve been banking $1000+ a month, and your out, debt free still and have $24K in the bank.

Just a thought.  I had 2 young folks do it when I was active duty.  Would definetly get you the cash and some skills.