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what great posts. very helpful. I thought I had things pretty well planned out. after several months of working, I bought what appeared to be a really good rv. who knew that 2 days later it would break down? well, to make a long story short, here I am back in fl. I had to come here as everything I had was tied up in that rv. I still have my little van. I had to come back here as this is the only pla00.00 ce I have any friends or family. so, here I am, in the same area again where I was. after loosing my job in oct. of 11, I had little part time gigs, but in april lost my car and in june my condo. took the job out of state because I had no hopes here. and I didn’t want to come back here because I knew what I was coming to.  so, here I am, staying in a small room @100.00 a week, and my dogs have to spend nights in the van. worse yet I have to move by march 1.  I have applied for job after job, bad time of year, and it’s very hard when you’re older. if anyone out here says age doesn’t matter, come to jacksonville. on top of that, I have a bum ankle and can’t do some work, such as fast paced work, standing all day, etc.  my choice is, even if I find a job, won’t have money to get a place here by march. looking at about 1,600 for that, with deposits. yes, I know about rooms. and boy oh boy. I got offered rooms from 2 different men and both wanted 100 a week plus sex, plus housekeeping.  gimmie a break. so, as I see it, no matter which way I do anything I am still gonna be homeless come march. with or without a job. it just sux. so, I hoped that between now and then, maybe I could buy some supplies, and find a place to go semi close to a town to find a little job and a place where other people were living for safety reasons. I’m an older woman, and I simply don’t know what to do anymore. I’m not used to being like this, but this is what it appears to be. I have come to the point in my life where I have to ask anyone for help, ideas. yes, I am still applying for work daily, but it’s a bad time of year, it seems. also, there are many people here looking as well. I had some good job leads in texas, but when the rv broke down, I couldn’t go there as I didn’t have any contacts there and not enough money to get a place.  if there are people out here who can offer up places where I could go as far as camping with others around, might have a large tent? with the screened room, etc.? anything.  I’m sorry. I’m not used to being like this. I’m just at my wits end. making things worse, I can’t stay with either of my kids. I would like to thank anyone who responds to this post, either here or to my email,  I am not looking to live off someone, nor do I expect anyone to pay my way. if I stay in fl. I have my food stamps. I don’t expect anyone to feed me or my pets. I’m so sorry that I have to even ask for a helping hand at all. do I know about living off the land? no. with help I can put up one of those big tents. I can use a grill. I’m not stupid. I can get an ice chest. I mean, I know a bit about camping. as for communes, that’s very costly. I was stunned.  thank you all in advance for any replies.