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It has taken me a life time to get to were I can go off the Grid.  Children raised and almost out of my wallet, Everything paid for except my cabin we just bought.  less than 9k.  We are buying as we go so when we retire we are debt free.   Oh yeah the Semi we drive I dont think you ever get them paid for. (giggle).   They always need care $$.   But once we get everything done at the land in OK then we have it figured that it will cost us less than 1k a month to live.  My military retirement and if SS is still there we will be very comfortable.

The trick (for lack of another word) to living off grid is to be self sufficient, live simple and enjoy what you have not what you want.  Live as our grand parents lived before the modern word took control and the electronic world took away common sense thinking and living.

KISS  Keep It SIMPLE Stupid goes alone way in living off the grid.

It takes very little money if you have the skill set to DIY (do it yourself)  I built my first 2 solar panels for less than 85 dollars a peace.  Used ebay to get the solar cell kits and Lowes for the other items I needed.

Save as much of your pay as you can and buy what you need a little at a time.  Prepare before you step into a completely new way of life.  DRAW up a plan and stick to it.  ALWAYS have a plan of attack.  Do the research then act upon your findings.

I hope my rant has helped.