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i think all of the thoughts/suggestions you’ve been offered are right on track.  to sum it up. learn skills, start small.

of them all wwoofer would be a good spot.  most of the wwoofer’s the work on my farm make a summer of it, some make a life of it.  but all in all each farm is going to be different from the the tools they use, the crop’s / animals the raise, climate, ect.  each farmer/homesteader will also have a unique background from which they created their little piece of heaven.  philosophy’s, rules of thumb, problem solving.  in general EXPERIENCE (s).

wretha is right on by mentioning first aid. i would suggest looking for a wilderness first responder (wfr) or emergency medical tech (emt) class.  there not expensive and no matter what you do in life will come in handy.

other good sources of skills would by multi day river trip’s or sailing expeditions.  both of these environments will teach you about maintaining your tools for survival.  including group dynamics.

both of these environments make great seasonal job’s.  so you will actually make a little money. you can also get a job in a nursery.


baby steps

peace g