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Joel: there’s no need for you to know the “unknown” as of now. Just continue doing what you’re doing and don’t let anyone else push you into bad ideas that will not affect them but will surely affect you. When we bought our 800 sq.ft. cottage 16 years ago, I furnished it with stuff from all my past lives. When we sold our 1,800 sq.ft. home in Chicago and moved to the cottage permanently, I gifted away some of the things at the cottage and used our City Stuff to add to the mix. The remainder went straight into 3 storage units. We hung onto the extra stuff for 5 years: gifting away “this & that” to whomever needed it, gradually reducing the unit down to 1/2 of one single unit. By then, we knew exactly how much storage we needed for Christmas Decorations/Winter Clothes/Skis, etc. We have zero regrets for how we finally reduced down our belongings: as the kids went off to Uni, they picked through the extra furniture/dishes and took them off to campus; local friends in Michigan who were cash-strapped we helped out by gifting sofas/clothing, etc.

As long as YOU can afford the storage units, tell any Busy Body to “STFU and Mind Your Own Bees-Wax!” (LOL)