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Thanks Wretha. I thought I was in the Text tab. IIRC, I was looking for the ‘HTML box’ and got confused when i couldn’t find one. Thanks for updating the instructions!

Cahow, Yes exactly. I guess a part of my concern is that I don’t KNOW exactly what I am going to need (and I have a lot of choices). There are many things that I really wouldn’t mind ‘doing without’, but I am not sure to what degree that would be a good idea. And as you noted, I simply would not be able to replace things that will have largely been sold off at bargain prices.

I had not considered going so far north, although you point out that there are very real benefits to be had. I don’t mind the heat too much and definitely do like the other 9 months of mild and sunny weather in this area. I was born in Minnesota, so am not a complete stranger to the northern weather. Not as much a young man anymore either, being mid forties. ; )