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Hi, Joel. Well, I for one will NEVER advocate someone boiling their life down to a tin cup and a tarp. At a tiny home forum I frequent, one member with waaaaay too much OCD, actually counts the items in her tiny home and won’t allow the number to exceed 100. Good Grief…your life is reduced to that!?! How tragically silly and severe. Get on a new drug, girlfriend!

Allow me to offer you some sage advice: DON’T GET RID OF ANYTHING, YET!!! Find your place, move into it with what you “think” you’ll need, and toss the remainder into storage. Promise yourself that “One Year from Now, whatever I don’t need, I’ll sell/donate/pitch.” Then, revisit that promise a year later and revise it if you desire.

When my much beloved Mother-In-Law moved in with my husband and I from Minnesota to Chicago, she thought “Oh, I won’t need my washer or dryer or sewing machine or freezer or….any longer” so she gave it all away to charity. She moved into her own floor of our two-flat and pretty soon, she’d say, “Oh, I sure miss having my washer and dryer on the same level so I don’t have to go up and down all those stairs!” or “I sure wish I had my sewing machine so I could make some drapes for my new home.”

You see where I’m going with this. Within a year’s time, my husband and I had to buy all new things for his Mum, so she’d be happy and live a full life. (by the way, I cherished her until the day she passed on).

It makes my blood boil when I read from so many people that “things tie you down”, “stuff anchors you”, blahblahblah. Maybe their stuff ties them down but mine doesn’t! I have inherited all the amazing antiques that were my relatives and my 3 children already know who’s getting what so there’s no fights. I LOVE my “stuff” as it ties me to my roots and has a story with each item. Each time I bake, I use the 1920 Hoosier Cabinet that was my Granpa’s wedding gift to my Granma. I use her rolling pin to roll out  biscuits, I use her biscuit cutter to make them and place them in a hand-carved catalpa wood bowl that Granpa carved for an anniversary present. HOW heartless does a person need to be to “get rid of that crap?”

So, Joel, do what’s right for you. You only get one chance at tossing something; don’t kick yourself in the b-hind for the rest of your life because you didn’t follow your heart.