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Caver, I live in north Texas, and I guess I am not really asking anything specific yet. Really, I don’t care if I am on the grid, I just don’t want to be dependent on it. However, it seems likely that properties that will meet both my criteria and budget, will be off grid.

Hi Beast. I would not classify my tools and equipment as materialistic bull nor garbage, but I think I understand what you are saying. These are things that have made me the money which has allowed me some level of freedom. Not insignificantly, they also allow me to build and repair virtually anything, which would seem to be handy in the scenario I am expecting. Honestly, this ability is also a part of the ‘spice’ in my life. My basic fab tools, mig welder and other things are very likely to go with me, but I have a lot of stuff and am not sure what I really need to keep. I don’t want to get rid of things, and later wish I hadn’t.
To be clear, I have no desire for any more of a primitive life than circumstances (largely of my choosing) dictate. As you wish not to part with your PC, neither do I wish to do without an angle grinder and generator. I have been known to appreciate a dentist too on occasion, if you know what I mean. So, I currently don’t see any reason to completely abandon things that have served me well in the past, and may yet serve me better in the future.
It would on the other hand, just be one hell of a lot easier to do what I want if my life fit in the back of my truck and trailer.