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I can’t say I strongly disagree with your sentiment based on an analysis of society and American culture in it’s current state.  We do operate with contracts for our permanent members.  We take ethics and follow-through on commitment very seriously.  However, we are not, and will not become a “work camp” with a strong command hierarchy   That would work against allowing people to follow their joy and find what most inspires them in terms of their community offering.

We have faith and confidence that American culture is quickly changing in these times, and much optimism that people can be better then what you describe.  We believe in giving people a chance to grow, and become that, just as you said there is no way to demand work out of people, there is also no way to demand that kind of growth.  We can only lead by example.  With care, and focus, and following the best of what is in our hearts with regard to communing with our fellows.