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you’re still kicking…I’ve been away from this site for awhile so maybe I’ve missed some of your updates…maybe not.

In any event maybe you could write up a basic update on your activities this new year?? Have you given up on trying to get a small community going at your nevada off grid property?? Or have you been able to attract anybody out there?

I know it is hard as I have a friend living off-grid in NW North Carolina in beautiful Ashe County just 30 minutes from nice mountain town of West Jefferson North Carolina…I’ve tried getting some off-grid wannabees out there to live, help, join, experience etc…all are gone now…nobody commits to anything…people like the idea of off-grid but then want the soft life of tv and ac and xbox and comfort…Bill’s property is 10 acres of either moist stream bed area or steep hilltop bunkerhouse….not rolling meadows and horses frolicking!!!!

So I gather you’ve had people come too….but drift away soon after???


(mike in virginia)