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its best if your starting from scratch to go off grid.   Trying to convert what you have is very costly.

First the land you have to check the zoning and county requirements etc.  this is the pain in the behind part.  Once you find the relaxed zoning area then you get your land.

Second is the type home you want.   We went with a portable building (storage shed) since in the area of OK dont consider a portable building a true home building or permeant structure so we dont fall under normal housing codes.

Third is the type of power you want Wind, Solar or hybrid.   This you must really research the area for sun time, amount of wind etc.

Forth is the type of life you want to live.  Off the land, partially off the land, colony, etc.

Fitfh is what you and your family agree on.  (this might should be 1st) but you all have to agree on this or it will not work out.

Research how your grand parents lived or great grand parents lived then you make your decision.

Personally I love the plan and simple life.  Looking forward to parking this semi and just living a very simple self sustaining life.

There are many other items to look at but the list above is the simplified items to look at.  Each person and family are different and have different reasons why.  I hope this information is helpful in making your choices. is our blog.