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Im new to this and came here from facebook , imaginative but on low income from ssi , thought i seen some places in Washington aso im tryin to find the best all around books on learning off grid electric . To bad to come in at this time where they are making so many regulations cause i realy as well need to find land easy to start off on and get creative over time . I don’t mind camo style collecting rain water either and part of reason i chose those spots to look at and am wondering if some people get by just collecting water or if well is a must and the best way to learn that yourself . As well i want to make my own solar paneling and am learning the windmill way . That brings up needing to learn what converters you need for different appliances and all that . Im an open book ready to learn and get as much money back and ways to get 2 acres fairly as inexpencive as possible . Am in position where i can save more but am not without completely as well . Im realy lookin for the best books to read and get started while im where im at but can get on the move and into application as quickly as possible . Probably goin to buy small station wagon to sleep in back and build my own tow and go multi use chow wagon and shower and on the road home made composter that i dump in woods , inpired by teardropers , LOL , cops gonna love that when i get pulled over .