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Sorry I haven’t updated for awhile I was affected by the login issues.

Getting ready to sign a contract, fortunately it’s going to take him a few weeks to get the title in order so I can do some investigation.

10 Acres in Southern, Oregon with a southern facing slope above a river.

Zonings fine, agriculture housing.

Wells in the area are shallow (150 feet average)

Now the worrisome issue is whether I can get septic approval and if a landscape feature is a seasonal creek…..which would be fine as long as it didn’t keep me from getting septic approval.

I called planning they said its never had a evaluation but with 10 acres said I shouldn’t have a problem.


Building codes are a nightmare in any of the states that were a finalist (Oregon, Utah, AZ)  so I just pinched my nose and went with Oregon due to proximity to my base and liking the area.

So my current plan is taking two acres and putting it up as barter to a like minded off-grider in exchange for the right expertise on getting through planning and getting built how I want.