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My wife and I saved carefully when we worked, but we were always thinking how nice it would be to escape the 9 to 5. We were into sailing at the time and a retired neighbor told us to go cruising while still young enough. I think this applies to off-grid living generally. We took the advice and quit our good jobs at age 40 in 2001. Sailing is not easy – it is physically demanding at times and there is plenty of stuff to fix. Waiting until age 65+ makes it harder. We did our sailing and now we have it out of the system and live on a small farm in the Dom Rep. So we are still living off the savings. There is still a decade+ to go before we get any social security.

Must have been a lot of savings!? I don’t think so. We found that while sailing around (never into a marina), we could get along on about $1500 per month. But we did not have enough saved for that so we had to find jobs along the way. Now that we live on the farm, the cost is somewhat lower – but we are still investing some capital to get things set up. I HOPE that investing will continue to diminish over time, but I sometimes wonder. The monthly expense is down to $1000 for us now – and we have a pickup truck that guzzles diesel fuel.

The farm produces some salable output, but that is pretty minor at this point. We generate about 15 bunches (a bunch is about 200 bananas) of bananas every couple of weeks $2/200 bananas! woohoo. Some years we have also been able to sell a couple hundred dollars worth of coffee. We also have a lot of avocados, but there are large producers near us that produce far more at the same time, so ours are not commercially valuable. Avocados go for almost $0.10 each at the farm – how much are they going for at groceries in the USA? We eat them till our poop turns green. J K

Producing our own food is extremely gratifying and we want to do more of it. Every meal I eat that I gather off this mountainside is still like a $50 restaurant meal to me. If I add all those up – that is like a lot of income, right?