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Thanks Marc_uk


Now that I’m home from my “job”, I put that in quotes, it is a real paying job but it’s extremely part time, I work for a company that provides home health care and home care, I am part of the latter. I live quite far from town and the lady I take care of lives in my neighborhood, it’s very hard to find anyone who would drive a minimum of 40 mile round trip to take care of anyone living out here, that lady is also my friend (we knew each other before I started working for her).  I work 4 days a week, scheduled 3 hours a day, but often I end up spending more time with her, just taking a trip to the closest town is an all day deal.

I also clean homes out where I live, not so much for individual people, though I have a couple who call me at random times when they need me, I typically clean houses that come up for sale, our local realtor calls me and we go from there. I also occasionally clean our church and the other church (and their dorms) in my neighborhood.

PB and I do a lot of bartering, trading with people, we do something for them, they do something for us, it works out very well. We end up with quite a bit of building materials from people who are remodeling or tearing something down, they would have to pay to haul it off and dump it in town, I have everyone around here trained to call us first to see if we can use it before they get rid of it, it’s a win-win situation. Just the other day we got 2 old metal water tanks, they probably will not hold water, but we have turned those into dry storage/shed/closet. PB has been getting material from an old mobile home, the metal siding, wood sub-floor and other stuff.

The biggest thing we have done is to set ourselves up to have few and small monthly bills so that it’s possible to live on the little bit we bring in, honestly the main reason we were able to do that is because we weren’t in major debt in the first place, we lived cheaply when we lived in town, no mortgage, low rent, no car payments and such, we lived low on the hog so to speak.