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Dante Dummer

Oye… there’s much more too it I cannot state, but ok. And I’m sorry, I have just been being told crap for months now, it’s making things very difficult.. As for running off, and how many others there are. Well, for one, it wouldn’t necessarily be with me, or my friends, actually rather unlikely, it’d be with other adults, I’d just be guiding the work to build the communities. There won’t actually be any sort of a government, other than a defense, but they will have no power over the people other than to break up fights and ban murderers or whatever stupid crazy thing may come up. There are actually a good number of others on board, but once you join the waiting list, it no longer becomes following blindly, and someone can leave the waiting list if they do not appreciate the idea. Obviously we won’t, we couldn’t if we wanted, go and like kill someone for leaving, but there is almost two years worth of planning that has been invested into this so far. If you still aren’t interested, then alright, but figured I should straighten that out.