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Dante Dummer

Are you kidding me??? I said in “2” years! Goodness! I will be LEGALLY aloud to leave. Do you not get that??? Seriously! It isn’t some pathetic child run-off plan, this is a serious plan, with months dedicated to it! It is a plan for HUNDREDS of people, NOT JUST ME AND MY FRIENDS. I ONLY have TWO friends involved! And no, actually, there aren’t lots of kids doing this. Kids talk about it, (and btw, I am not mad at my parents, nor was I when this was started. Our relationship is actually REALLY good.) but none of them ACTUALLY DO anything about it. Now, the only other thing I have to say is, yes, I’m only 16, legally a kid, and most are mentally a kid at 16 as well, but I don’t think you are catching on that I am far beyond childish dreams or anything else of the like. I am not saying I don’t have stuff to learn still, but I am beyond the point of living in a fantasy world.