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I was actually going to guess cult also. It stinks of juvenile god complex. Or trolling.

And – I wasn’t asking you, Dummer, about you and your “group”. I was questioning this board. I am hoping there isn’t a bunch of kids running around here who are just mad at their parents and want to be kings of their own little cults. Still unsure if this board is encouraging this or…what. I had qualms about wandering the forums. I just came here to ask about property taxes and camper trailers. I don’t even want to join a group. People like you are why I’m leaving.

As I’m fairly sure it’s illegal to even talk to a minor about running off with him and his high school buddies (especially if over state lines), I don’t suggest anyone (if there actually are people here who are of age) go to the big secret Facebook page to be on the super awesome, only special people waiting list. If off-grid is all about freedom, you’ll get a lot less of that than you ever imagined if you talk to that kid.

Again, good luck.

Dammit I hate forums.