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Sorry about my post. I did not mean to ignite a firestorm. Generally for me I find honesty is the best policy. The truth is I am not interested in a girl with a mustache that is part grizzly bear. I figured I would be upfront about that in my post. I also admit I am not a purist off-gridder. I have internet, solar electricity, and a well for water. There is no cell service here but I have a sat phone and skype. I also buy most of my food from a store and yes I have a small plane to take into town for that. I make a healthy living partly because I have very little distractions out here and I can really focus on my work. I have 2 cats and a dog, but other than that I gets a little lonely at times. I am hoping there is a girl out there that wants to live that life with me. I really dont want anything in return except a companion. I dont care if you are flat broke, I have plenty of money and I am more than happy to share. Its ok with me if you want to grow, hunt, etc for food and its also ok with me if you dont. All I care about is that you are cute and kind. Anything else about you is ok with me. I am sorry my post sounds so harsh but its brutal honesty I guess.