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Dustoffer, I have no problem with him posting here, I hope my reply makes his stop and think about how shallow his post seems to be… let’s see where else this goes before clicking on the delete button :)

looking2live, I will say that there are differing opinions about what is “off grid”, I have had people question my claim of being off grid because I have internet and a computer, I do consider myself off grid, I have no utilities of any sort coming to my sky castle, I generate my own power (solar/batteries), I haul my own water, I use propane to cook and heat water, I heat with wood, I use a wireless internet service, the tower is across the valley from me, I have no phone lines, no power lines, no water service… I pay property taxes too. I also shop at a grocery store for most of my food… I say I am 100% off grid but would never say I am 100% self sufficient, no one can claim that, and I don’t think jamesharper was saying that either… yeah I know, I’m defending someone who appears to be very shallow, while I don’t agree with his requests for a “cute” female companion, I will defend against people saying you are not off grid if you have home generated electricity, internet and such. Being 100% off grid doesn’t mean living in a cave, wearing skins and eating worms. :)