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My family and I live in a motor home as well, my fiance`, 2 kids under 3 and two dogs. I am a general contractor with experience in all phases of construction, design and repair.I also have years of experience in building on a tight budget and coming up with ideas out of thin air. Lauren has 4 green thumbs and knowledgeable in greenhouse and septic systems old school and mulching toilets.

We are both students currently working on BA degrees.  You have a great opportunity before you , I have done research into this type of house as well as cob and straw bale structures. We are looking at doing the same, however do you think 2. acres is going to be enough?  Is there any other property for sale close by? once you drill a well plant a garden which will sustain you  build a house, fences for a few chickens,and a little livestock, not to mention solar panels and or a wind generator, things could be kind of tight. just a thought. Give me a buzz if you want to chat