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I think for many it has to do with having options. We don’t being told we only have the option of A or B and no A-Z. Especially when A and B are not much different. Also there is a downward class migration going on in America today. Recession is a big part of it. Globalization is another. So instead of trying to burn the candle at both ends for an eternal life of slavery to debt why not just settle for the upper end of poor if you can get most of what you want out of life. I used to dream of the middle class life with each year seeing it get further and further from me.

So now instead I dream of having land, low to no debt and most of the comforts in life we have grown to expect. If I gain some quality by doing it myself along this path then all the better. Its also about gaining independence from systems that are not giving all they promised to give.