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Hello Cahow,

I truly enjoyed reading your post and wanted to say hello and maybe give you a little bit of my view.

I believe a lot of those people who want to go back to the land like their ancestors did in the past really are only having a romanticized love affair with the ideology of it rather than the pain staking work that is involved. I assume what they really want is for the back breaking hard work to be done for them and they spend thier time enjoying nature and taking in all that is beautiful in life.

Now for myself and the hard truth. I started with the idea of going off and living off the land but realized quickly that from my past knowledge that I was lying to myself. I grew up in a small town and love manual labor (casually not 7 days a week). My family (uncles/aunts) are farmers and I liked helping them out but I knew they have always had it difficult. So on my search for what i wanted it dawned on me. I want a semi off grid lifestyle. I want to live ‘off the grid’ in the sense that i have no electric bill, I provide my own heat, water and I grow some fruit/veg that i want and some small farm animals. But nowhere near anything that is back breaking. As for the rest i have many ways I can suppliment my current income to still live a comfortable life. I do not want to work until I am 65-70. I do not want to live in a city and I do not want to spend every waking hour working to survive. So that is why I want to follow some of this lifestyle.

The disconnect people make is that it will be easy. I have no doubt it will be hard but I also am willing to make changes if certain aspects dont work for me like keeping some animals or gardening but I also have other sources of income. So in the true sense of the word will I be ‘off the grid’ NO. No i wont be but for me it is off the grid of working in a menial job and when you finally retire hoping you have enough energy to go out and enjoy the little time you have left (if your health allows it). So thats what it means to me and for everyone on here all are not ‘off the grid’ in the true meaning but I hold respect for them for pursuing the dream they have for themselves. some will make it many will fail and some will be unhappy but if you dont try how will you ever know ?

If you never tried a banana how would you know you like it ? The scale is much larger but so are the benefits and that is what draws me to this semi off grid style I want. I hope by the time I can make the move that it will be a smaller learning curve due to my skills and the lessons I learn from people here.

Thank you for reading,