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Thank you BOTH for such insightful answers! I’m grateful that you didn’t feel I was slamming anyone’s life style choice. In my own way, I feel that my family has made a HUGE effort to downscale, compared to our peers. Some of my dear friends laugh at us lovingly when they come to our 800 square foot cottage and state, truthfully, that their “…3 car garage is bigger than your home!” And they’re right. LOL

Everyone has to follow their own heart. My heart says, “I love to bake and weave and garden, give back to the community, and have friends over for dinner at least twice a week.” I have cherished family antiques that go back to before my kin immigrated from Finland and Sweden. Unlike some people who go off the grid, my cherished items do NOT own me, I am simply their caretaker until my adult children inherit them. Then, their children will inherit them. It’s about roots and a past and belonging.

What scares me about some of the videos/photos I’ve seen on line from some of the “off gridders” is that they truly look to be going feral and I wonder about their mental health, thinking, “Oh Lord, do we have another nutter going to steal a boy off of a bus?” The photos they place on line have NO family photos, NO art, NO colour…nothing that ties them to humanity. Just a couple of pegs to hang up their 4 pieces of clothes, a chair, a couple of mismatched plates, and a dog. I wonder where their family is. I wonder, “Is there no one that loves you or that you love?” I have over 50 framed photos of my family, going back to the 1860’s; they are the roots that keep my “tree” alive.

Again, thank you for your genuine answers; I’ve learned much from the two of you. :)