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I’m from Minnesota, too, and spent a lot of time up north camping, working on a dairy farm, canoeing , fishing, hunting, skiing, snowmobiling, flying all over, hiking the back country, staying a month in the summer at my grandparents’ cabin, and another month exploring and camping in the “west”.

Saw it get overpopulated and fished out and finally had it with mosquitoes.   Didn’t realize we were off grid in many ways, especially at first.  I was born in the summer of ’49.

I’ve been running from overpopulation much of my life, and the real reason for off grid independence is thinking about future generations.  I am a deep ecologist and had to walk the talk.  It isn’t the old outhouse and candles life with food in a winter cut  ice and straw underground shed.  Wild strawberries, fish from the lake and ducks during season.  My Godfather was a full blood Ojibwa.

No,  it is one child only, solar power, Earthship, gardens, composters, low water use , not too big a house, hybrid SUV, 3 R’s—a 1/20th the average American Eco-footprint.   Gardening is the main “old stuff”.  Composting is a more knowledgeable “old”.  The Solar power is new but passive solar dates to smart cave men.   The three R’s started with my grandparents in the Depression.   I know much more about nutrition, and no lard!!!

I doubt that my efforts of conscience will save the world from the crash and thermageddon later.   I am against Ecocide, but there is no  place except in fantasy, to go.