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Home Forums General Discussion Is Agenda 21 an threat to off grid living? Reply To: Is Agenda 21 an threat to off grid living?


Thanks for replies everyone!

I agree with you Dustoffer, US is slowly becoming an tyrannical country, but its all a part of NWO.

Governments don’t want people to fall out from the matrix in any way, so they are reduced to forcing people back on the grid.

Its hard to find good places to live. US is definitely not a solution for me, Canada has vast forests and nature, but whatever applies for US, applies for Canada as well. No countries of EU are acceptable either, since they are just “fractions” of US.

Those, “pockets of freedom” you mentioned Dustoffer, will soon become like the rest of the country.

The only thing I am left to do, is to go off grid wherever I feel like, and if some problems arise, then I will fight against that tyranny in any way possible.