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Nick Rosen

hi I’m marcelle, I am a single mom to a 7yr old boy. Originally from the UK but have lived in the usa now for 28yrs.  I have my son in public school now for his 2nd yr but would really like to find a community and be off grid so as I could homeschool/unschool with other parents or alternative school him.  I work pt and teach drama/dance after school, I am interested in somatic movement therapy and healing arts, currently I have my MA in special education and a modern dance background. Some of the places I am thinking about moving to are: the UK, Western Massachusetts nr Amherst, Earthaven or nearby in Asheville NC, or an intentional community in Virginia.  I like Vermont but think it may be really cold….I’m open to other areas too, but chose these as there is an artists scene there and progressive minded people.   I do not mind living simple, ie. yurts, tiny houses ect…I prefer to live inexpensively as I do not have cash to purchase expensive houses or land at the moment. I prefer to live in a child friendly community, or multi generational.

Thank you for reading:)