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Why is it some people think off grid means camping out??  They intend to live illegally by poaching and camping without authorization on public land.

Off-grid is off the electricity grid mainly, on alternative power like wind and solar or both.   It can and often is off the sewer and water grid and the gas line grid, and sometimes telephone/cable grid.    Often off-gridders grow much of their own food, and some do without a well or electricity, or at least a large solar electric system.  Some call themselves off grid who live in non-Eco cabins or trailers while others are for Eco homes and low carbon footprint lifestyle, i.e. green.  We are, for sure.

We live well off grid, and have a deep well with good water solar pumped(1024 watts of panels).  We use a propane tank and firewood.  I am too disabled to hunt anymore and do not raise farm animals, although I am reading a book on raising food rabbits.  Some here live off grid on farms and are totally self sufficient.