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Home Forums General Discussion I want to live self sufficient somewhere.. any ideas? Reply To: I want to live self sufficient somewhere.. any ideas?


MyEscape: this is an honest answer to you. Why not do volunteer work, the two of you, in an area of the world that English teachers are begged to help? These areas are usually very off grid, you could research the countries while doing good for mankind, and you’d get a place to stay and food, plus the following: The Peace Corps offers standard federal employment benefits, such as competitive salaries, 13 vacation days (extended to 19.5 days after just three years of service), 13 days of sick leave, a wide choice of life and health insurance options, retirement benefits, and tax-deferred savings plan similar to a 401(K) savings plan.


If I were young and mobile and not married, I’d for sure use this as a tool to check out other places on the planet.