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Thank you so much for your replies.  Beast, I emailed you my long response to your inquiries.  Your questions made me think, they were good questions.

WrethaOffGrid, I imagine having a significant other helped immensely!  I’m lacking in that department, unfortunately.  I’m not in a very good location to find like-minded people.  Your story is inspiring, you make it sound so easy :)

The areas I’m idly property shopping are affordable and completely unrestricted building wise.  Many of them have mineral rights, even.  But they’re several hours from the the nearest town, zero services or reception (fine by me).  It’s hard to shop seriously when you’re not in a position to buy, but I’ve formulated my requirements.

I will likely have limbo time with selling; my house now is a manufactured home.  It’s up to code and specs, but there’s a funny quirk with how the concrete foundation was laid and banks are restrictive with giving loans on it (as I found out during the purchase process).  I got a great deal on it and was able to get in, but there may be delays in selling.  I don’t want to hassle renting, and I fear owner-carry could be a total nightmare.  I figure I could live extremely minimal in the house until it sells, and easily move out in one truck load.

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