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Home Forums General Discussion How to turn "wanting" into "doing"? Reply To: How to turn "wanting" into "doing"?


Going by our experience, we too are a cold turkey type of folk…. I had always had a dream of living off grid, so did PB, the funny thing is neither of us knew what the other dreamed of, I thought he wouldn’t want to leave his business or family, he thought I wouldn’t want to leave my family…. once we began discussing how we wanted to live the rest of our lives, we made the decision to get outta Dodge, or at least Irving Texas.

I had enough money saved in a stock plan though my part time job of 10 years to be able to buy up a piece of raw, unwanted land in far west Texas, there was just enough left over to build a 16×16 box that would become home, that was in the middle of 2007, by the end of Dec 2007 we had left our old life behind and began our new life.

We came out here with little money but plenty of supplies, I couldn’t imagine living any other way, I have not looked back. So you could say we did a whole lot of wanting and did a whole lot of doing. Of course it’s easier for me because I have a very creative man in my life who isn’t afraid of hard work, doing something like this being one person would make things much more challenging but not impossible. Maybe you could find some piece of land that no one really wants, make a good deal on it and plant one of those Morgan type shed buildings on it, you can finished it out yourself with little problem, the trick is finding someplace with few to no restrictions as to what you can do on it.

Be sure to keep us updated on your progress, and there are lots of people here who would be more than happy to give you advice.